Strategic Plan

The Hawaii Correctional System Oversight Commission (HCSOC, or the Commission) was created by Act 179, Session Laws of Hawaii 2019, “to ensure transparency, support safe conditions for employees, inmates, and detainees, and provide positive reform towards a rehabilitative and therapeutic correctional system.” This Commission’s first Oversight Coordinator was hired in July of 2022 and this strategic plan sets the priorities for the oversight office for the next twelve months. The plan and priorities are not meant to replace or overshadow the important work that government and community stakeholders have already focused on and put substantial work into. Instead, this plan is meant to build on and encompass that work, including the recommendations from the 2019 House Concurrent Resolution 85 Task Force on Prison Reform report.

This strategic plan is one of the first priorities set by the Oversight Coordinator to explain what oversight is, why it is beneficial, and to highlight future plans for the oversight office. Read it here: 2023 Strategic Plan